Cheaper Security?

There is a new trend of businesses choosing security companies who are offering ‘cheap’ services. Purchasing a security service on price alone can be a risk. If a security company is charging £7.00 an hour for a security guard, you have to question what they are actually paying the guard to do the job. UK minimum wage for a person aged 21 and over is currently £6.70.

Buying ‘cheap security’ could result in you ending up with security guards who are very poorly paid and have no interest in their job. The security companies who are advertising these cheap services usually operate on a low budget, which means that they have no back up guards, no way to check on their guards and no control centre. You have to ask yourself would you want your property protected by a security company that operates this way?

Specialist Security ensures a fully SIA licenced guard who is ISO9001:2008, BSIA and CHAS accredited. Each guard is credit checked and listed on SIA’s register of approved contractors. We ensure that our security guards are paid minimum wage or above. At Specialist Security we use TimeGate, a system, which ensures our guards log in and out of their shift and we ensure an hourly check call from the site to ensure that they are on the site.

We operate a 24-hour manned control room. Each guard undertakes a minimum of 1 patrol per hour under the direction of a patrol supervisor. We also ensure that each guard is wearing the correct personal protective equipment. In addition to all the services that we advertise, we offer bespoke service tailoring to the needs of our clients.

It is better to utilise the services of a professional company that pay their guards a minimum wage or above and have the resources to monitor their guards’ movements and activities, and have the back up to respond to any situation that occurs.

This may cost clients more than what the cheap companies are offering but the price ensures peace of mind that your property is secured.

When it comes to security companies you get what you pay for, so wouldn’t you be more satisfied paying a little more than what the cheap security companies are offering knowing that when you return to your property it will be properly secured, present and intact.

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