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Welsh security expert shares best practice in Parliamentary Review

A LEADING WELSH security company has had its inaugural article published in the Parliamentary Review, outlining best business practices for growing businesses and explaining its sector-leading reputation.

Specialist Security, a family-run company that now turns over £4million a year, had the article endorsed by Lord David Blunkett and Lord Eric Pickles in the British journal which sees 500,000 copies distributed annually.

Speaking in the article about the company’s foundation in 2001 to its hugely successful operations today, Specialist Security Managing Director, Rachel Fleri, said: “Our organisation is driven by employee wellbeing and integrity. We employ 150 members of staff and understand and appreciate each has their own culture and circumstances. Many of our team members have families to support and additional commitments and we will always take this into account and consider the best fit for both them and our clients. We work with big names including Willmott Dixon and Balfour Beatty Rail and ensure all clients are supplied with suitable operatives based on ability, experience and merit.”

Speaking about the change in legislation that came into force in 2001 and the birth of the industry’s statutory body, Rachel said: “The introduction of the SIA certainly raised standards in the sector, most notably the introduction of a personal licence scheme and ACS. However,  while licensing is statutory for individuals, it is not for companies, and we have sadly witnessed others in the sector hiring self-employed, unlicensed workers to keep costs down. I am a keen advocate of a business licensing scheme to prevent this and level out the industry.”

Rachel also talks about exciting future plans for the self-built company. She said: “We will focus our growth around large infrastructure projects and corporate front-of-house security. The greater number of large projects we can tender, the more we are able to grow overall.”

Based in Cardiff, Specialist Security provides professional, quality security services to the private and public sector, including installing, monitoring and responding to alarm and CCTV systems as well as deploying managed security officers and mobile patrols.

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