As a trusted security provider, specialist security has been securing thousands of commercial and residential sites and properties for over 13 years.

At Specialist Security, We provide monitoring and key holding services for all clients, guaranteeing a swift round the clock response to any alerts at your premises. Our key holding and alarm response service protects your business from risks such as assault, criminal damage and theft. We will respond to your emergency 24 hours a day. Our key holding and alarm response services are supported by our team of experts who carry out regular audits ensuring a high level of protection.

You will benefit from peace of mind knowing that your property is safe and we will take appropriate action following alarm activation. A member of our expert SIA licensed key holding staff will respond rapidly and carry out an extensive internal and external patrol within 20 minutes. This ensures that you have the best possible security arrangements in place. Specialist Security will ensure your property is re-secured and will liaise with any necessary third parties and emergency services to oversee any necessary repairs and will not leave the property until it is safe.

We know that it is potentially dangerous and not always possible for business owners and managers to respond quickly when an alarm is raised at your property. We also understand that alarm calls can often happen at inconvenient times. This is where our key holding and alarm response services can add real value to your security package.